15 Aralık 2015

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Set WeatherBut as Tropical Storm Isaias arrives Tuesday over Delaware and New Jersey, an approaching trough in the jet stream is going to flip that standard, and bring very heavy rain to the northwest quadrant of the storm and over the Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey, EPAWA Weather Consulting meteorologist Bobby Martrich explained Monday in his morning forecast video.He put the region in a wide area expected to get 2.5 to 4 inches of rain, with locally higher amounts. The National Weather Service shows 4 to 6 inches of rain from the storm to the west of the actual storm, with 5 inches falling in the Lehigh Valley from Monday night through Tuesday night. The thought is the impact of the wind could be greater toward the Jersey Shore, while the Lehigh Valley takes on more water.”Rapidly rising flood waters are dangerous,” the weather service warned.But before any flooding happens here, the storm will meet the powerful dip in the jet stream and the dynamics will charge, Martrich said.

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