24 Haziran 2016

The S95 Powershot is SO much better! All the new

On an emotional or psychological level, I get it: People like Hollingsworth fear all this loss in a highly specific and personal way, and cling to the belief that it can be undone if the economic gods are propitiated in just the right way. Through ruthless magic, applied by the priesthood of the big boy pants, the doors of Dick’s Sporting Goods will be thrown open once again and the status quo ante of gangster capitalism and Trumpian delusion will be restored in all its glory. (Please read my colleague Amanda Marcotte on the Michigan protest, if you haven’t already.) It was the usual carnival of selfishness and paranoia and intense insecurity in macho nationalist drag, but what precisely did they want? Some not entirely clear return to “normal” (which was definitely not normal), and the restoration of something that cannot be restored.

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